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Yet another survey

Yet another survey

Real estate service providers in the region seem to keep coming up with surveys that tell us things we already know. Why?

October 5, 2009 1:12 by

A new survey conducted by one of the numerous real estate service providers in Dubai found that consumers are dissatisfied with their property agents. Surprise, surprise. Who would have thought that people would be unhappy with their property agents during the financial crisis, when the real estate market in Dubai collapsed?

Well, to be fair, Harbor Real Estate Brokerage, the company behind the survey did have figures to substantiate their point: 61 percent of the 178 people interviewed (face-to face) by the company rated their brokers as poor or very poor. Property brokers were rated on the basis of knowledge and skills, ethics and behavior, consultative ability, and empathy.

But what surprises us is that most of the surveys undertaken by property service providers in the region usually state the obvious. Yes, we do appreciate numbers, but if a company is going through the elaborate process of doing face-to-face interviews, shouldn’t there be some uniqueness to the topic?

How about doing a survey to find out how much time, on average, consumers spend calling their developers? Or surveys about how far property projects in Dubai have progressed in the last year?

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