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Kipp’s stories of the week: Expat women rejected and more


Kipp has selected 5 stories that you should not have missed this week. We all know how busy you can be so this is a lazy version of reading the daily news! Here we go...

July 19, 2012 7:00 by

1) Expat women face rejection

Single expat mums are left fuming after the UAE announced a law that they are not authorized to open or manage bank accounts for their under 18 children. An uncle or any male relative will do but a mother will remain powerless in that situation.

2) Who is following Ramadan timings?

While the UAE government is not alone in the region when it comes to enforcing working hours for government and private sector employees but who actually abides by these rules? What kind of experiences do you have. This blog discusses the root and cause of disobedience.

3) Dubai Beggars CAN be choosers!

Dubai Police have reached that time of the year again when they go all out to spread awareness on the illegality of begging in the city. During the Holy month, begging rituals do reach optimum levels and the authority has issued a hotline where citizens can report beggars and possibly receive an award for doing so!

4) The Interest Deficit

A blog contributed by Kamal Dimachkie, executive regional managing director of Leo Burnett – UAE, Kuwait and Lower Gulf, investigates the significance of local talent in UAE’s advertising industry. For another perspective, a counter blog was contributed by Alex Malouf: Is talent enough?

5) THREAT: The iPhone 5 is here!

Fresh information on Apple’s latest phenomenon. How will it hold up against the Samsung Galaxy S3 and will it a sufficient improvement from the iPhone 4S?

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