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Maradona: Dubai is “wonderful tranquillity”

Kipp can think of many words to describe Dubai. But 'source of peace' didn't come anywhere near. . .

April 18, 2013 10:57 by

There are a lot of adjectives I’d use to describe living in Dubai — hectic, fast-paced, confusing, even calorific — but one word I’d never use is tranquil.

That’s not to say I haven’t experienced moments of serenity, it is just that those moments tend to occur when I am in my apartment, curtains drawn and ear plugs on. Sometimes the thought of going on vacation fills me with a sense of calm, but in Dubai there is nothing that comes close to instilling a ‘peaceful, easy feeling’.

But for some, even in a city where traffic accidents are an everyday occurrence, where the landscape changes daily and online re-registration forms call for ‘re-registration’ in person, there is room for an oasis of calm.

Take, for example, Argentine football legend Diego Maradona. He recently opened up to The National about how the city has become a source of peace: “My life was like Formula One in the past, going at full throttle, but I am now experiencing this wonderful tranquility,” he says. “Living here among Arabs has changed a lot of my ideas and beliefs, and this has been a very important experience in my life.”

This ‘wonderful tranquility’ has nothing to do with being prematurely dismissed from a two-year contract as manager of Al Wasl FC, after failing to get to the finals, we presume.

Try, as I might, between the relentless hazard lights and piercing horns that adorn Sheikh Zayed Road in rush hour, I haven’t quite been able to channel my inner tranquility, like Diego.

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