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Media iftars: Too many calories, not enough content


What is the point of gathering the media if no one plans to interact with them?

July 16, 2014 6:09 by

What is the point of gathering the media if no one plans to interact with them?

Kipp can safely say that we have been invited to at least one iftar/suhoor media gathering per week this Ramadan but what we can’t quite understand is why?

While we certainly enjoy the delicious food and lovely locations, Kipp can’t quite see the endgame. It is not often that the actual hosts (and not the public relations representatives) mingle with the journalists.

And so, the evening ends up as a dinner amongst strangers, who are essentially competitors, awkwardly chewing in silence.

In our experience, the hosts come by and introduce themselves, make very brief small talk, and walk back to their tables.

Why would a business pay such a large sum of money to feed journalists? We are aware that the stereotype suggests that we are permanently cash-poor, but it isn’t that bad – we promise!

We aren’t ungrateful, really, just genuinely confused.

And so we set out to get to the bottom of the phenomenon, and who better to tell us than the people organising the event, PR executives.

Trying not to make a fuss of the situation, we casually started slipping questions into conversation during a certain iftar event, to find out more.

We were told that often, the ‘client’ fails to interact with the media; events such as these are set up in order to facilitate future interactions such as interviews.

We haven’t entirely given up hope yet!

Have you been invited to any Ramadan events, and were they fruitful?

Let us know your stories.

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