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My Wish List

My Wish List

We have heard of wishing for Gold, endless money and (the most popular) more wishes. But realistically, Arti Gupta decides to wish for applications that make her life easier.

August 27, 2012 4:54 by

What if a fairy came to you and offered to grant you a wish? What would you ask for? My 4-year-old daughter approached me yesterday with that question and it got me thinking. Though as adults we understand that fairies exist only in stories, I did begin to think of my own imaginary wish list and being the geek that I am, I could only think of some applications that would make my life easier.

Alarm Clock with Weather forecast and Meeting update – An alarm clock that wakes me up and reads out weather forecast for the day for me along with my meetings. A device that can understand my speech, respond accordingly and can also sync to my calendar in real time.

Networked Digital Frame – A large size photo frame, which has the technology to connect to multiple social media accounts including Facebook, Picassa and Flickr. I could configure it to download the pictures uploaded by my closest friends and family. That way I would not need to connect to my machine. I would have real time updates right in my living room.

Phone apps

Status Update – An application to notify me every time there is an update from a selected group of friends and with a command, it can read me updates as well. I would not need to scroll down my home page on Facebook or visit my friend’s pages individually to make sure that I have not missed on the latest happenings in their life.

Mobile Money – I really want the freedom to pay anywhere from my phone. I wish that banks and telecom companies would act faster in delivering a mobile wallet to me.  Imagine. There would be no need to carry so many cards and cash. All you would need is your phone and you pay using your phone. Your Nol card is also configured in your phone. So next time you travel by metro, you do not have to stand in the queue to buy a ticket or recharge your card. This mobile wallet can be connected to a credit card or straight debit to my account.

Car apps

Wifi – A Wi-Fi connection in my car at a reasonable price. Currently there are some wi-fi routers available which create a hotspot in the car. Wifi in Ford Touch is one step in the direction where automakers are trying to change the technology available in the car and provide customers a seamless experience across gadgets.

Online Music – Once I have an Internet connection in my car, I want to have the ability to stream music from my itunes (using cloud) or simply stream it online. Thanks to websites like Spotify and Pandora, the popularity of streaming without downloading and paying for a song has increased a lot. It is projected that in a few years, streaming music would be the most popular source of music. Why pay when you can get something for free anytime and anywhere. And the freedom to do that in my car would be really amazing.

GPS – My GPS updates itself, especially at a place like Dubai where roads change every other day. Anyone who has ever tried to update the GPS few years after buying it can identify with me on the hassles of doing the same. The seller can increase the cost of the initial device, but please save customers from this need to update the software. And I guess, once there is wi-fi in the car, updating becomes much easier.

Parking Spotter – Imagine having a device in your car to scan ahead and spot the free parking spot for you. Life would be so easy if this happens.

No Passwords Please – Websites using fingerprints or face recognition.  This would eradicate the need for me to remember endless passwords and my online identity would be much safer. Facebook is in talks to buy a facial recognition startup so I feel as though someone is already listening to my wishes.

Projector Phone – A device to convert my smartphone into a projector without compromising the quality or animation of my presentation. I can either save the presentation on the phone, or connect my machine to it.

Lastly, I wish that my ‘fairies’ aka the designers and developers of the mentioned applications are somewhere out there reading my wish list and working on granting them to me. Amen!

by Arti Gupta Managing Partner at Lead On Consultants

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