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Not afraid to change

Mai M Assaf

Mai M Assaf, managing partner at Eternel Clinic, explains the importance of constant innovation

February 6, 2014 9:39 by

Many people are frightened by the word ‘change’. Spencer Johnson, the author of Who Moved my Cheese?, states: “Life moves on and so should we. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

One of the biggest obstacles for most people and businesses is just that they are hesitant to move beyond the status quo. In the case of our aesthetic business, we have changed, we have evolved and we have flourished as a result. And, yes, we were afraid.

When we originally began our practice approximately ten years ago, we were known as Eternel Medspa, the first medispa in the Middle East region. We created a niche market and strategically sold ourselves to female celebrities that were traveling abroad for all sorts of anti-aging treatments.

Within a few years, we established a loyal clientele, because we were willing to try the ‘31 flavours’ recipe of constantly bringing in something new. The formula was a success from the start, because, unlike my colleagues in the aesthetic industry, my background was different.

When I earned my masters degree in human development, I thought I was going to spend the rest of my career concentrating on families and their needs. When we came to Dubai a decade ago, I never thought that I would follow in my mother’s footsteps in the beauty industry. My mother is one of those wonders of life – a jack of all trades. She could knit, she could arrange flowers and she could whip out a tablecloth with matching napkins for an event she was organising. However, the best part was that she did this after her working hours. Her talented hands extended to the world of cosmetology and she got her license while I was in high school. Thanks to her, I always had a love for skincare and high-quality products. I remember telling my friends with zits on their face to not touch their skin with their bare hands, to not eat chocolate and never to sleep with make up on.

My love of giving out advice comes naturally – I am female, after all. The mind is an amazingly sophisticated creature that retains all forms of stored data. Sometimes that data is recalled at 2am when you really needed it at 2pm, but that’s another story. The point is, with my business background, my genetic love for the aesthetic industry, combined with my understanding of people’s psychology, I learned that change is an exciting phenomenon.

The business became Eternel Clinic two years ago and we continue to update everything constantly, from our service menu to our promotions and even our appearance. We recognise that even though people are afraid of change, they would rather look forward with hesitation than look back with regret.

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