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Oh dear British women…

Oh dear British women…

A new survey has named British women the ugliest in the world. Not very nice, if you ask Kipp. But also bad news for their careers, apparently.

September 6, 2010 5:57 by

Bad news and name-calling for British women this week, as they are named the ugliest in the world. The UK’s Daily Mail reports that, when asked which country had the ugliest women in an international poll, “Votes poured in, with people from around the globe eager to point out how overweight, unladylike, and generally foul British women are.”

According to the paper the major complaints centered around how rude British women are, how they drink pints (of beer or cider) like men and “end up drunk in the gutter.”

“The UK’s (not so) fairer sex were also accused of unashamedly breaking wind and belching in public, of letting their fat hang out, were smothered in ‘bad tattoos’ and committed crimes against fashion by proudly sporting ‘too-tight bikinis and football shirts’,” says the paper.

The survey was carried online by holiday website Real Holiday Reports. Brits grabbed top spot, with American women second, and Germans third.
As Kipp’s old teachers would have said, that is not being kind. But if it’s an accurate assessment, it could mean bad news for the women’s careers.

According to an article in Newsweek in July, it’s been proven that good looking females earn, on average, 4 percent more than their less attractive counterparts (for men, the difference in 5 percent). It cites figures saying that 13 percent of women would consider cosmetic surgery if it made them more competitive at work.

And in Newsweek’s own survey, 57 percent of hiring managers said qualified but unattractive candidates are likely to have a harder time landing a job. And of nine character traits, looks were number three, below experience and confidence, but shockingly above education.

What do you think? Do looks matter in the work place? Have you faced discrimination in favour of a handsomer colleague? Or have you favoured a less qualified candidate because of their looks?

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