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PR pioneer Dave Robinson passes but impressions are remembered


“He was a great friend and in many ways a mentor to me, and to countless others. Dave was tall not only in stature, but also in character and he will be deeply missed"


September 24, 2012 7:06 by

Dave Robinson was an enthusiastic guitar player, playing in internal Hill+Knowlton bands, but as the global company announced (with saddened hearts and words) his passing this morning, it is clear that he will be remembered for so much more.

Looked upon as one of the giants of the public relations and communications industry in the Middle East, Robinson has led Hill+Knowlton Strategies in the Middle East for 7 years, took on Australia, South and Central Asia and Africa since 2011 and was a founding member of the Middle East PR Association. It’s safe to say that Robinson’s contribution to the regional industry have formed a precedent for other communication specialists to make an impact and that, they won’t soon be forgotten.

“For the last eight years, Dave Robinson has led our team in AMEASCA with a strong and dedicated passion for this business, his clients and our people,” said Jack Martin, global chairman and CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

“He was a great friend and in many ways a mentor to me, and to countless others. Dave was tall not only in stature, but also in character and he will be deeply missed. He made an enormous impression and was held in great affection by everyone who came into contact with him. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dave and his family at this difficult time.”

Dave Robinson was described as extremely active, a public and social speaker, a motivator and as Jack Martin put it, a mentor. He was a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences and he took pride in assisting governmental entities on the direction to efficient communication.

The team’s tribute to him also remembers how he ‘personally advised dozens of clients, steering large corporations, government entities and individuals through the challenges associated with the global economic crisis of the past decade’.

Kipp only hopes that the message we as a society can absorb is the importance of making our mark in the world, always pursuing what we feel we were born to do and pursuing it, mind you, with great passion and enthusiasm.



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