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Saudi invasion on Dubai Eid – One million and counting

Eid Holiday

During the celebrated period of EID, Dubai is expecting to welcome one million visitors from Saudi Arabia...

October 8, 2012 2:05 by

In light of this year’s stretched EID celebration and preparation, the Dubai Events and Promotions Establishment expects to see an influx of one million visitors from Saudi Arabia.

Ibrahim Saleh, during a conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in the Kingdom, told the newsmen that Dubai expects record-breaking numbers of visitors this year.

“The cosmopolitan city hosts more than 200 nationalities that coexist in exceptional harmony and despite different orientations and cultural backgrounds, residents and visitors in Dubai come together to share joyous moments during different festivities hosted all year round. ‘Eid in Dubai’ is another valuable addition that will enhance the spirit of the city,” he said, quoted by Arab News.

It is a relatively known (and seen) fact that nationals and expatriates residing in the Kingdom have a fondness for the neighbouring UAE, particularly during the holiday season. Considering the elaborate celebrations that Dubai has reserved for this year, the record is set to beat last year’s 800,000 during the four-day Ramadan festival.

This year, under the direction of the emirate’s ruler HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, the EID celebrations will be extended from the usual 4 day program to a two week one. During the period, shopping malls will be open 24/7 to accommodate the heavy influx of tourists and residents.

“Dubai is a platform for diverse cultures to celebrate the festival with people from the neighbouring countries especially from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia visiting the region in frequent numbers. Eidyat Dubai is a special campaign this year with extended shopping hours at malls.” Said Mr. Eisa Adam, Managing Director & Past President, Dubai Shopping Malls Group.

Emirates Airline, Dubai’s national carrier has 17 weekly flights from the Kingdom and one flight daily to both Dammam and Al Madinah. Residents residing in GCC countries, particularly those with certain job categories (although did not state which), will be granted an entry visa.

“We will follow the prevailing regulations to give entry visas to expatriates living as residents in the GCC countries including the Kingdom,” said Captain Jassim Ahli from the Department of Naturalization and Residency in Dubai.

Kipp would like to hear from you. Are you excited to see the streets of Dubai flooded with Saudi Arabian visitors or will it cause a great inconvenience in terms of traffic and crowd?

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  1. Reuben Smile on October 10, 2012 11:08 pm

    Visitors flocking the emirate of Dubai is a natural phenomenon considering the kind of attractions the city-state has to offer; that’s beside the economic and commerce model Dubai has intelligently positioned.

  2. mandarin on October 14, 2012 12:04 pm

    Visistors are welcome as long as they realise that there is a certain aspect called traffic rules that exist in the emirate. You cannot drive as if red lights are colours on the street and the no U-turn means just that. Along with your thousands of rials worth shopping, please invest in a GPS even if it is not the most updated, at least it will make driving for the rest of us on the road a little less traumatic…


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