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See no food, eat no food and speak no food

Man eating a burger

The awkward situation when eating in public before sunset during Ramadan is banned, however, food advertisements on hoardings are A-okay.

July 31, 2013 11:41 by

*The above image was intended for illustration purposes – and to prove a point.

We all know the golden rule: do not eat in public during Ramadan before iftar. The UAE residents and tourists who break this rule face a month in prison and a AED2, 000 fine.

In fact, the Sharjah Police has even thanked residents and tourists for abiding by the rule, according to a recent report in The National. The police officials have reported that so far no violations have been recorded in Sharjah (hurray!).

While Kipp understands the sentiment behind this rule (how would you feel if you are starving and someone is chewing on a piece of a juicy steak?), what puzzles us the most is why food advertising on large billboards and muppies across the emirates isn’t a cause for concern.

As someone who fasts during Ramadan every year, this Kipper has no problem with people eating, because at the end of the day, it’s a test of your own faith and resolve (however, should you deliberately savour the treat to irk this Kipper, may you choke on it – kidding, of course). Similarly, food advertisements on the streets aren’t a problem either.

However, the fact that flashy advertisements of food on hoardings are acceptable but eating in public is condemned is quite hard to digest. How is someone biting into a sandwich within the confines of their car different from a delicious larger-than-life burger sparkling on a billboard?

Driving along the roads of the UAE, Kipp has seen advertisements of noodle and soup brands, casual dining restaurant chains, and other fast food outlets – all with mouth-watering food inviting you to dig in. Is that okay just because it brings in advertising dollars?

Or, is eating food so much worse than flashing food?


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