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Sharing the love: Smells like team spirit


Despite refusing to chip in for the lottery tickets, one administrative assistant’s winning office mates split their winnings with her.

March 28, 2013 5:02 by

When it comes to team-building, many talk the talk, but few can really walk the walk.

Consider the following scenario. Laurie Finkelstein Reader, Head of the team at real estate firm Keller Williams Partners Realty in the US, had a lucky feeling earlier this week, deciding to set up a Powerball syndicate in the office. While all of the twelve employees at the firm pitched in $20, Jennifer Maldonado, who had joined the company as an administrative assistant only two weeks ago, opted out. Despite being offered the cash on loan for the ticket, Maldonado refused: “I hadn’t received a paycheck and I was watching my pennies.”

So imagine her surprise when she came into the office to find everybody in an uproar over winning the $1 million lottery prize? After tax deduction, the lump sum stood at roughly $833,333. While plans for new houses and cars dominated the conversation after the win, the team also considered Maldonado. Here is where it gets interesting. After much discussion, the team has decided to put aside some of their winnings so that Maldonado can share in the jackpot.

“It’s about sharing the happiness. As a team we put together a fat pile of money. If we do the right thing and always care about other people, the right thing will happen to us” says team leader, Reader.

Though the team has not revealed how much they will put aside for Maldonado, the actual amount is beside the point. The consideration and desire to go out of the way to make every employee (even someone who has been on the team for two weeks alone) feel like part of the team, can only translate into better dynamics and loyalty. How refreshing it is to see such civility in the corporate world where means stepping over your closest team members just to get ahead is justified.

Companies that go out of their way to pit employees against each other and to create a sense of animosity, stand to take a page out of Reader’s book.

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