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Sharjah Police: ‘Don’t give money to beggars’

Sharjah Police crackdown on begging

Clamp-down on street dwellers

June 16, 2013 3:53 by

Being naturally kind-hearted, we at Kipp have given to charity in the past, be it clothes or money. And with Ramadan fast approaching, our attention will, once again, turn to those less fortunate.

But we should all proceed with caution this Ramadan, warns Sharjah Police.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) says beggars tend to target holidays and religious occasions to extract money from unassuming people, which is why the force is stepping up its efforts to eradicate begging on Sharjah’s streets, urging the public not to fall for ‘fakes’.

An official at Sharjah Police said: “Some beggars pretend they are disabled, have a life-threatening disease, are unable to provide for their families or need money for urgent medical surgery.”

So far efforts to eliminate beggars from the emirate’s streets have proven successful, with 212 being arrested in 2012, a stark decrease from the 727 arrested in 2011.

To further their attempts to do away with these beggars, Sharjah Police are working in co-operation with charitable associations and plan to launch anti-begging campaigns through a variety of initiatives, including distributing booklets and sending text messages.

Additionally, a team of undercover officers plans to patrol the emirate and operate around mosques, commercial outlets, banks and residential areas, in order to maintain the country’s image and levels of security.

A CID official said: “We have realised that groups and individual beggars were issued visas. Our focus is not only on combating street begging, but those who assist these individuals.”


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