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Sharjah Police ‘steal’ your car

Sharjah Police pulls off campaign

A new department called 'Watcher Team' is out to get you when you least expect it...

May 12, 2013 3:01 by

Kipp loves Sharjah Police. It’s not that we’ve disliked them in the past, but we’ve just never given them much thought, nor found the need to make such a declaration. After all, it’s not as though they’re capturing public attention by adding luxury sports cars to their fleet every other week.

Instead, what they’ve done – aside from wow us –  is allocate a ‘Watcher Team’ with the sole purpose of stealing the vehicles of irresponsible drivers. As part of a public awareness campaign to promote sensible thought, they patrol ‘busy spots’ and look for unattended cars to make a quick getaway in.

Picture this. You’re in a hurry and you feel your stress levels rising. You’ve only just managed to escape the nightmare of bumper-to-bumper traffic and you need a quick stop at the bank or a pharmacy. Your car is left outside; unattended and the engine is running. You tell yourself you’re only going to be a few minutes. You walk back outside and your car’s gone. You start to panic, thinking it really is stolen – and the police stay away long enough to ensure that you do – before they decide to return it to you.

Oh, and the extra fun part? It’s all recorded. The team purposely leaves a camera behind to capture your reaction. The educational part of the campaign is a strong message. Do not leave your car unattended and for the love of practical jokes, switch that engine off.

According to Gulf Today, the department is trying to educate people that a policeman cannot possibly protect every single vehicle on the road – especially those unattended.


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