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SIGH: Is Gangnam Style coming to Dubai?

Psy denies coming to Dubai

We may not be a fan, but Korean pop sensation Psy has quite a few followers. And when news of him bringing the Gangnam Style horse dance to our shores spread earlier this week, excitement ensued. But – and we really are sorry about this – It may not be happening after all. . .

February 21, 2013 5:52 by

When Dubai was told earlier this week that a certain Pop artist will be flying in to perform a certain ‘ridiculously popular’ song, complemented by an even more popular dance-move, the emirate was ecstatic. Of course, Kipp is talking about Psy and his infamous Gangnam Style song and routine. We held off actually writing its name for as long as we could because, let’s face it, does he need any more attention? Well, he’s about to get it anyway.

It was announced that the Korean sensation will be performing at My Music X’s Festival in March. According to the press release the Dubai-based event company sent out during their press conference, he was scheduled to appear on the 28th of March as part of a line-up of approximately 30 artists.

Naturally, the news went viral. Frankly, most of the other artists were relatively ignored in terms of media coverage and Psy was the main point of focus. The media ran with it like they’ve never run before. Print, Online, Radio, you name it. And considering that it has become the most popular video in the world on YouTube, Kipp finds it safe to assume that people were excited.

About a day and 130 Twitter characters later, the unthinkable happened and it all seemed to go wrong. At approximately 10pm last night (Dubai time), the Korean artist posted a public tweet to his followers. ‘To fans in Dubai there is some wrong information being reported. I will NOT be in Dubai March 28 but look forward to coming soon~!’

Word of this travelled quickly through social media, prompting Kipp to contact My Music X to clarify the matter. We were told that there was in fact an incident of miscommunication – but that it wasn’t between them and the media, but rather between Psy and his Agents.

“My Music X is aware of a tweet from Korea this morning in relation to the proposed appearance of PSY at our My Music X Festival next month. Our team is currently making inquiries into the situation and will update the public as soon as the circumstances are clearer.”

Don’t fret Dubai, if you really love him, you should let him go. Or better yet, wait for him to come to you. Also, as My Music X says, they are working on the matter, so there’s still hope. Just don’t be too disappointed if you aren’t able to cut loose with the horse dance any time soon.

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