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No matter how hard Dubai tries…

Dubai Traffic Department Radars

"Pedestrian mortality on roads has increased and the owners of these bikes do not have a traffic culture despite continuous awareness campaigns conducted out by traffic department.’’

August 8, 2012 12:45 by

Reach for the skies they say, but Kipp wonders whether the ‘sky’ is the direct direction to reach for. As part of its ambitious strategy to have zero road deaths by 2030, the UAE continues to struggle to paint a picture that could soothe the driving tactics of the country’s residents.

Smile for the Camera!

Motorists should start keeping an eye out because as part of the ‘one silk string of the spider web’, fifty new state-of-the-art radars will be installed at traffic intersections and pedestrian crossings across Dubai. The nifty part of the plan; the driver will receive an SMS notifying him/her of their recent violation just minutes after and have their face photographed. Thank the lord for technology, eh?

The new batch of radars to be installed in Dubai do hit a whole new level of technological sophistication, and they ought to, as they set the government back thousands of Dirhams apiece. Although, considering the amount of flashes that go off on Sheikh Zayed road on a daily, Kipp wouldn’t be surprised if it only took a week to break even. On most days, it could be mistaken for a photography studio instead of a highway.

As per a report on Khaleej Times, Colonel Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, acting Director of General, Department of Traffic, said that the devices will be able to photograph the violators and those images will be directly beamed to the traffic department. If shelling out big bucks won’t motivate you to slow down, maybe a permanent picture on your record ought to shake that conscience up!

By October, the entire new batch will be installed and as of now, the preparation process is ’90 percent complete’.

“They don’t know the traffic culture”

The second part of the never-ending traffic campaign is the penalizing and confiscation of bike owners pedaling away on the main roads. Awareness campaigns ought to be enough, one would think, but according to general Mazroui, there have been plenty of those and they have yet to see an effect.

“Pedestrian mortality on roads has increased and the owners of these bikes do not have a traffic culture despite continuous awareness campaigns conducted out by the traffic department.’’

Although we do not refute the Colonel’s words, but Kipp reckons there is also an absence of the ‘zebra crossing’ culture in Dubai as well and perhaps that is something for motorists to take into account as well.

Grace? Grace? No Grace!

The Grace extension that runs within the speed limits on Dubai roads is nothing more than a flirt and a tease for speeding motorists. They adore expanding that limit, exploring its parameters and using every dripping bit of it that they can.

Currently, on most roads in the emirate, drivers are allowed to have an extra 20kph beyond the implemented speed limit and while there were rumours of that limit being extended, the Colonel has put those rumours to bed to the disappointment of the ‘fast pace and race’ culture here.

“There are no such plans for the emirate of Dubai,” he confirmed.

The traffic department, in Kipp’s opinion, is still being too lenient with motorists because looking at the long term plan of the authority; the grace limit is meant to be completely eliminated at some point. Yet, motorists are still being given the luxury of not having to quit ‘cold turkey’ but rather they will be given a year or two to adjust to it. The grace limit will be, first, chopped in half and then completely erased.

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1 Comment

  1. PPM on August 9, 2012 2:07 pm

    Not sure if you can eliminate a grace limit unless you mandate that cars come with some kind of GPS based speedo rather than one based on the output of some calculations that depend on assumptions about how inflated or worn the tyres are.
    Even in the UK there is a 10% “grace” on every speed limit because manufacturers won’t guarantee their speedometers to be more accurate than that.
    To be totally safe on a 60kph limit one would have to never drive faster than an indicated 54 and a bit so, with a zero grace limit, the authorities would end up fining lots of innocent people.


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