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Stop whining and re-register your SIM card already

Kipp gives you the low-down on a patch of relatively simpler and less stickier red tape in the UAE.

January 7, 2013 8:26 by

As the deadline for the first round of re-registration draws nearer, Kipp is already hearing the rushed hushed worried whispers which tend to precede any impending nation-wide final final deadline. You know the type, the voices around the water coolers which get everyone anxious: “Have you re-registered yet? I spent all afternoon trying to re-registered/ I am so worried I have not re-registered…”


Yes, we are talking about the wonderfully existential campaign titled “My number, my identification.” The very term “re-registration” should be the first give away that the program is going to be an odd one. In July 2012, the TRA launched the campaign which required all mobile phone users of Du and Etisalat in UAE to re- register their numbers with their identification documents—to prove that they really do own the number they own. The point? To reduce fraud and identity-related crimes.


After much confusion, the telecoms revealed customers were going to be divided six three-month batches. A customer will receive a text message to re-register his number by a particular deadline. Failure to do so can result in your number being cancelled. The next deadline is within the next 10 days, January 17th to be precise. If you have received the message (sounding a little religious here) then the onus is upon you to re-register your number.


Then again, with the UAE’s penchant for final final final deadlines, one should not be too surprised if a deadline is extended. After all that is what happened three months ago when thousands woke up and decided to plague centers to meet the mid-October deadline which was inevitably pushed to January 17th, 2013. Will it happen again? Well wouldn’t that be funny.


Regardless, if you haven’t re-registered your number, why not take five minutes out of your life and be done with it! Take our word for it, it is really simple. Even if you have not received ‘the message’ you can get your number re-registered.


All you have to do is go down to an outlet of your service provider, along with a copy of your Emirates ID and fill in a form. Most Centers have a desk dedicated for re-registration, so it will be a quick process. We promise. Oh, and remember you need to be there in person-so you can’t push off this not-so-desirable errand on to your loved ones. And for goodness sake, please stop spreading anxious-rumors about the process.


  1. Ajith on January 8, 2013 1:21 pm

    They themselves doesnt have much idea how to go about this, 3 months back i went with all documents of myself,my wife and my daughters for this registeration, They didnt do it,instead they asked who asked you to come and told me dont crowd here and when you get a message you can come. So point is will it be a waste of time even when i go without receiving an sms?

  2. PPM on January 8, 2013 1:42 pm

    But if you inherited your SIM from another person – maybe as they left the country – don’t waste your time trying to register it. Horrified that they might lose lots of accounts belonging to the people who don’t actually care if it’s cut off or not, the incumbants have decided that the original owner needs to turn up to register – not just the current owner (which actually makes a mockery of the entire justification for the process). However, it will, handily for the big two, mean that lots of people will need to bin a perfectly good SIM and apply for a new one.
    Morally dubious behaviour. Well.. there is a surprise.


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