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Stories of the week and In Pictures

Recap stories of the week

Kipp has selected 5 stories that you should not have missed this week plus a few In Picture features we think you might enjoy browsing through!

July 27, 2012 2:00 by

1) Best Middle Eastern City to live in?

According to a survey by and YouGov, Abu Dhabi emerged as the best city to live and work across the Middle East, followed by Dubai and Sharjah. Manama and Muscat completed the list of the top 5 cities, based on factors such as wealth, quality of life, labour rights, culture and ease of doing business.

2) Cobone: Trust can be lost with one click

The UAE government, after many shady deals done by e-commerce businesses, has decided to intervene and set regulations. Kipp speaks to Paul Kenny, founder of to get his view on the matter.

3) Dubai’s illusions of grandeur 

At 828 meters, the Burj Khalifa stands tall and proud as Dubai’s prized landmark and the world’s tallest, possibly glitziest building; but behind the glittering façade is the sordid story of struggle and disappointment. And Dubai’s extravagant, ostentatious outlook might have something to do with it.

4) UAE employees unhappy and disloyal?

A new survey has revealed that UAE employees are less happy, satisfied and loyal than the global average. What could the solution for that be?

5) Dubai plays the numbers game: INTERVIEW

Even as the global economic climate heats up, Dubai is attracting financial traders from the world over. Kipp speaks to Jamie Lear, CEO, Dubai’s Professional Trading Group DMCC, for some insights into the high octane world of financial trading.

6) Apple design is cooler so you should apologise!

During the ongoing patent battles between Samsung and Apple, a British judge has ruled against Apple, while giving them a compliment at the same time.

7) Definitely not Ladies First!

Which are the best and worst countries for women and how do we achieve sufficient social reform to guarantee a safer and more equal life?

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