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Trouble switching off?


A new dinner jacket promises to put an end to those 'urgent' phone calls and messages during dinner time.

September 20, 2012 5:22 by

As fascinating as mobile technology is, I despise just the intrusive role it plays in the urban lifestyle. I went to dinner last night with a friend, and more than six times our conversation was derailed by either of our cellphones. Of course, silencing the phone is a quick way to get back on track, but it will only be time till the next disruption. To say I am perturbed by the buzzing of cellphones is to say the least, which is why I find the silencing jacket an interesting concept.

UK designer Victor Johansson has created a dinner jacket which will terminate all connectivity to any device place within. Using the concepts of a Faradays cage, the pocket blocks all radio waves and a special chip embedded in the fabric saves battery while your phone is idle.

Interesting concept, but wouldn’t it be easier just to switch your phone off?

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