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Take two tablets

Take two tablets

When better technology is withheld from the public for profit gain, is the buying power really with the people?


March 7, 2011 4:38 by

Is anyone as excited as Kipp that the iPad 2 has launched? It’s not because the second version is sleeker and has rear and front-facing cameras or that it’s now essentially a larger (and therefore cooler) iPhone 4 with the addition of FaceTime.

Kipp is overjoyed at the launch because now’s the time to revel in the not-so-secret frustrations of those who just ‘had’ to have the now clearly outdated almost rickety first version.

In the words of Bart Simpson’s arch nemesis Nelson: Ha-Ha!

When the iPad came out in April last year, many criticized its lack of…well, a lot of things (many of which are on the second version). And yet Apple’s formidable marketing heads had sales soaring to as much as 10 million units near the end of 2010.

Now, a markedly better version has come out this month. And it makes Kipp think… how responsible is a company that launches what is essentially a half-baked device, promotes it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread and then launches a much better version less than a year after?

Preposterous… It seems to Kipp the company is just penalizing loyal Apple users as it takes advantage of the ‘early adopters’ (y’know those who just have to have the latest stuff).

It also begs the question of whether we really have the power to vote with our wallets when companies can withhold technology for their profit benefit.

Granted there will be the unfashionable few who’ll buy second-hand iPads. But because there is no price gap between the first and second generations, anyone interested to own one anyway would most likely opt to buy the new one instead…great for Apple not so great for its brand loyalists.

As for Kipp, we’re holding out for the next version… or maybe the version after that… or the version after that.

And for those simply addicted to having Apple’s latest launch of a soon-to-be outdated product now trying to get rid of their old iPads, it’ll be worth getting FaceTime with companies like Movenpick. The hotel recently announced it’ll be introducing iPads across their properties in the Middle East – they might want to buy yours.

Like what they say, one man’s trash is a hotel’s treasure… or something like that.


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