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Tame cigarette warnings on packet amuse Kipp

uae tobacco warning

Even the worst horror movies are able to create scarier and shocking images than the ones required by the Ministry of Health to be displayed on cigarette packets.

August 9, 2012 4:49 by

‘Grisly warnings on cigarette packs in UAE’ reads this headline from The National regarding the Ministry of Health’s latest requirement for all tobacco products. As of today, all tobacco products are to display ‘graphic shocking’ images to warn smokers of the hazards of their nicotine-fuelled habit. This new packaging will be enforced across the GCC.

Of course, it will be some time before you begin to the see the warning images at your local grocery store—of course the Ministry has given vendors a couple of months before they begin to fine violators of the new rule. For now vendors will be allowed to finish their existing stock.

Now UAE is not the first country to implement such a rule, but head of the tobacco control committee at the Ministry of Health Dr Wedad Al Maidoor is convinced of its potential success: “With their packaging, they are fooling the customer into thinking smoking is something that is cool and nice – that it is a part of your life. Now this will be taken very seriously. The graphic cannot be removed or peeled off – it’s part of the packaging.”

So what are these big bad terrible images that will soon shock every UAE smoker? Hold your breath, caution is advised—this isn’t for the faint hearted. Are you ready? Ok, here goes.




What? A burning skull in the embers of a cigarette cherry? Finger tips on fire? I am sorry, but who put the cast of Seasame Street in charge of designing these ‘warning’ images? The Ministry could do well to take a leaf out of other countries’ book of scaring smokers tactics or instead have a look at our latest feature on some of the more scarier warnings around the globe.

*Images from The National

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