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The Apple and Google Fall Out

android and apple

Leaving out the in-built YouTube app has thrown a light on the Apple and Google relationship. But how will this relationship affect the consumer?

August 8, 2012 4:06 by

One of the biggest revelations to come out of the test version of the recently released Apple iOS6 was the YouTube app which was left out of the operating system built in apps. The move marks a decided departure from Apple’s rather YouTube-friendly past, after all the YouTube has been included with the inbuilt apps since the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007.

“Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended” is what Apple has said in a statement, but it is common knowledge that the two companies have been having problems since the development of the Android phone. Apple has been forever in court with one of Google’s major Android phone partners, Samsung and let us not forget Apple has stopped powering its phones with Google Maps.

So what are the implications of such an alteration? Though the extent to Apple-Google divorce is still unclear, some say it is a win-win situation. Consider the words of Gizmodo’s Brian Barrett: “For Apple, that means not devoting developer resources towards Google’s most well-placed Trojan horse. For Google, it means being able to create a YouTube app that’s actually worth a damn. And for us? We don’t have to reroute to the mobile web every time we want to catch up on what Maru’s up to.”

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  1. Gaa on December 27, 2012 2:30 am

    I wish apple would stop being so immature falling out with loads of companies it really does get on my nerves!


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