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The perception of bringing back the Salik toll

Road in Dubai

Oh, Kippers how we love it when you believe what we believe.

December 11, 2012 11:10 by

Kipp would usually prefer to wait until the end of one of our polls before we write a commentary piece on it, but judging by the current one we have on, which you can still see on the right-hand side and which has proven to be very popular; there’s absolutely no need to wait.

We worry. Yes Kipp worries a great deal. This time, we worried that we were being too pessimistic by thinking that reinstating the Salik fee for taxi commutes in Dubai has absolutely nothing to do with alleviating traffic and more with funding projects and paying off debts. Luckily, we feel better now seeing as how our readers believe the same.

“They might as well charge people for walking under the gate. Clearly they’re just ripping us off. They can’t keep hiding behind the notion of ‘fairness’ when Salik hasn’t reduced traffic flow like it’s supposed to. Problem is, these corporations think that the people are stupid. It’s quite sad. Should be renamed to Dubai Tax-ing,” tweets Dubai resident, Miltiadis Kyvernitis.

If you’re passionate about this subject – and enjoy clinging on to the shred of controversy it contains – then you may keep following the poll for the next couple of days but as it stands now: over 91 percent of our readers believe what we believe and less than 9 percent are giving the authorities the benefit of the doubt.

Yes you may correctly point out that there is nothing wrong with bringing this tax back to life and using the proceeds to fund real estate or financial projects. You may also highlight the fact that the authorities have not ruled out this motive.

Certainly, if it is true, they haven’t expressed it. In Kipp’s book, if you make a statement about the reason behind any implemented rule – particularly one that was scrapped four years ago – then everything else not mentioned is naturally a contradiction.

In any case, even if the motive isn’t necessarily to alleviate traffic let’s hope that it does that nonetheless.

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  1. ZeTallGerman on December 12, 2012 3:20 pm

    Speaking of the money Dubai needs to finance its mega projects”: I just read this headline in one of the local newspapers… brace yourself… it’s hilarious: “For a fee, add a picture on your Dubai licence plate”: From next month, car owners in the emirate will be able to choose an illustration of a local landmark to be integrated into their number plates… (*bangs head against wall… aaaahhhh….!*)

  2. B Johnson on December 12, 2012 9:14 pm

    There are two sides to this argument. Clearly if the Salik was removed the traffic on SZR would get even more congested. The main issue is the absence of the previous benefit of using a taxi


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