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Top 20 ways you KNOW you’re in Dubai


Things like this CANNOT happen anywhere else

August 24, 2014 9:54 by

You know you’re in Dubai when…

1. Within three minutes of exiting an air-conditioned space, your clothes are stuck to your body.

2. You have to take your glasses off before stepping outside, because you know that they are going to fog up.

3. Your iPhone has warned you that it’s overheating, several times, during the summer months.

4. Your car’s steering wheel is too hot to touch… don’t get me started on the seatbelt buckle.

5. You drive past a caravan of camels and do not even look twice.

6. You can tell there is a speeding camera when you see brake lights (the only time they are actually used).

7. No valet? What’s the deal?

8. It’s considered rude if you don’t call your taxi driver ‘boss’.

9. Shopping malls aren’t just places you shop; you do EVERYTHING at the mall.

10. Speaking of malls, you are expected to understand which mall your friends are referring to when they say, ‘let’s meet at the mall after work.’

11. There is a Gold ATM machine, enough said.

12. You only know someone for two years, and then they move.

13. You do not have to worry about locking up your house before going out (thank you Dubai Police).

14. When it rains, it’s a joyous experience.

15. Ladies get their own section on the metro.

16. You spend Christmas on the beach.

17.  Exotic animals that people are unlikely to see in nature are available for your viewing pleasure at a number of shopping malls across the city.

18.  Five-lane highways have become a joke.

19.  It is acceptable for tigers to be house pets, they are so cute when they growl…

20.  As much as this bizarre city confuses us at times, it will always be a place we can call home.


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