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Why nobody likes Facebook Messenger


Facebook has started redirecting all instant messaging services to a separate app, Messenger

August 12, 2014 4:33 by

I have already made Facebook happy by downloading its official app, and now they expect me to download more from them?!

The popular social media giant has pushed it too far this time. I thought the point of a social media platform was that everything was in one place; you can chat with friends, post pictures and share comments all in ONE SPACE. But I guess I am no longer hip.

It seems daft that if I want to have Facebook messenger on my phone, I have no other option than to download the app.

If downloading the app is not bad enough, it then asks if I allow Facebook to access practically my whole phone, including my camera, voice recorder and contacts…. umm, no.

“We receive data from or about the computer, mobile phone, or other devices you use to install Facebook apps or to access Facebook, including when multiple users log in from the same device. This may include network and communication information, such as your IP address or mobile phone number, and other information about things like your internet service, operating system, location, the type of the device or browser you use, or the pages you visit,” the app’s Privacy & Terms section states.

Like most people, when the app’s terms and conditions popped up, I didn’t read them all. And by that I mean that I did not even give them a glance before clicking ‘I Accept’.

However, now that I have read the terms and conditions of the Facebook Messenger App, I think I may need to change that habit.

The terms and conditions of the app hint that if a user accepts this, they are allowing the social media platform to have access to pretty much whatever they like on your phone without the user’s knowledge or approval.

“When you post things like photos or videos on Facebook, we may receive additional related data, such as the time, date and place you took the photo or video,” the app’s Privacy & Terms section continues.

With so much information available for the app to use, it is terrifying to think about whom could get their hands on all of our information, without us even thinking twice about it.

The question that is truly on all of our minds, though, is “what is Facebook actually going to use our information for?” Why do they need our contacts, images and access to our voice recorders? Although the app may need this information to be able to send photos, videos and so on, it is scary to think that by allowing the social media giant access to your phone, they can see anything and everything.

“We may share information we receive with businesses that are legally part of the same group of companies that Facebook is part of, or that became part of that group,” the app warns in its Privacy & Terms section.

And on another note, why does the app also ask for our phone number when you download it? Facebook Messenger is supposed to be used online, as an instant messaging platform linked to your Facebook account, not your phone number. They have obviously confused themselves with one of their latest purchases, Whatsapp.

After all of this, the main question that is still on my mind is “will you now start to read the terms and conditions when downloading apps?” I doubt it.

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