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Why Dubai is the perfect place for the world’s most expensive cupcake…


The exported concept of Dubai as tourist hub is a lot like these costly creamy cakes—an average holiday destination covered up in shiny edible gold foil and powder


July 1, 2012 2:15 by

Kipp’s never quite understood the recent fascination with The Cupcake. When we were kids, cupcakes were lumpy small fruit cakes spawn of uncaring parents had for school lunch time. The lumpy cupcakes remained the object of much sneering until a couple of years ago when The Cupcake had the ultimate make-over.

It hadn’t changed all that much, the cup cake was still a glorified bit of average cake—only this time around it was topped with ridiculous amounts of sugary frosting, packaged in an oversized box and sold for at an unbelievable marked-up price. Why people would cough up five times the cash they should be paying for a Red Velvet (essentially a cake that has been dyed red and topped with frosting) eluded Kipp then and it continues to elude us.

You can only imagine Kipp’s feeling towards the world’s most expensive cupcake. Oh yes, this elitist cupcake just had to be debuted in Dubai. Priced at Dh100,000 (crockery included), the cup cake called The Golden Phoenix (more like The Golden Fiend, thinks Kipp) comes served on a 24-carat gold painted Empire Morning Cake Stand with Cloch on a 24-carat gold-plated Maria Antoinette Princess Tea Trolley. If it is just the edible gold foil covered cake you are after, well it can be yours for Dh3,700.

A considerable difference you may think, but Dh3,700 is still Dh3,695 too much for a bloody cupcake.

Have a look at the epic making of this cupcake. Kipp doesn’t know if soldiers have ever been sent off to war with more passionate drums a-beating than the ones playing in this video—nonetheless, the video helps give you a clue as to why the cake is as expensive.


We’d offer you a tissue to wipe your tears away after that emotion packed teaser, but we are all out.

Yet watching that video helped Kipp see the similarities this overpriced cupcake monstrosity shares with Dubai. The exported concept of Dubai as tourist hub is a lot like the costly creamy cake—an average holiday destination covered up in shiny edible gold foil and powder. Which is why Dubai is the perfect place for the launch of such a silly waste of money, don’t you think?


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