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Will I ever win a raffle prize?


Win a trip to moon? 'Try again next time.'

August 5, 2014 6:22 by

With Dubai Summer Surprises in full swing, the city seems to be going raffle crazy.

Although I would love to win a great prize, my experience suggests that it is highly unlikely.

When I went to lunch with friends last weekend at a café in City Walk, I was given a raffle ticket upon paying the bill, as a result for spending more than AED200. Naturally, the ‘scratch and win’ section of the raffle ticket politely told me that I should ‘try again next time’. No surprise there.

The sheer number of raffle tickets that I have filled out in my years in Dubai has truly put a damper on my hopes of ever winning.

I then walked down to Boots for my regular weekend dose of British goods, and purchased a few beauty products. Having spent another AED200, I received one more raffle ticket. And, to no one’s surprise, I was again nicely told to  ‘try again next time’.

The raffle tickets not only advertise themselves extremely well in the media and on shop shelves, with large signs stating that you could win a BMW or a Nissan, but they also get you excited, or at least they still somehow get me excited. It is the expectation, the idea that you might be able to actually drop your name in a box and win a BMW. I am always convinced I will win something, the voice in my head telling me that “today may be the day” continues to get me excited. Then BOOM, I am rejected once again.

Who actually wins these raffles? I do not know one person who has won a raffle in Dubai, if I did, I probably would not be complaining. But with numerous advertisements around town stating that you can win up to AED2 million worth of prizes, or six BMW cars, I am extremely interested to know who is winning, because it certainly is not me. Are these advertisements giving out false promises? Or taking advantage of us because they know that we will spend that extra AED200 so that we could have the miniscule chance to maybe win a prize?

Raffle draws are said to be held every Saturday from August 9 until September 6 and will include all members of the Dubai Shopping Malls group. The final week’s draw will see one winner walk away with the main prize of a BMW X5. However, with the amount of people that receive raffle tickets during DSS, the number of draws that will take place, Kippreport has realises that this means there are only five days on which individuals actually have the opportunity to win something.

With such a disappointing run of raffle attempts, I have now accumulated a growing hatred for their false promises, and would rather shop assistants spare me the feeling of overexcitement, followed by depression, that I have to go through every time I spend money at a shop.

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