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Winter World Cup in Qatar a mistake?

Qatar winter World Cup 2022

July 25, 2013 1:38 by

Awarding the world’s biggest single sports event to Qatar in 2022, even in winter, was a “blatant mistake”, says Theo Zwanziger, FIFA executive committee member, during an interview with Sportbild magazine.

The former head of the German football federation (Dfb) attacked the decision soon after FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, repeated his view that the finals would have to be played in winter.

The traditional summer slot would simply not work in the gas-rich state of Qatar since, according to Blatter, “you can cool down the stadiums but you can’t cool down the whole country”.

Zwanziger also said that shifting the tournament to the winter months would put the unity of German football in danger, reported Reuters.

“Changing the World Cup to the winter is going deep into the structures of European national federations and also amateur football in Germany,” he says.

He added that a winter World Cup would mean the public watching with “ice skating boots in freezing temperatures”.

Blatter had stressed in the past that any request to change the timing of the World Cup would have to come directly from the organisers. However, the FIFA executive committee would meet to discuss the issue in October.

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  1. King King on August 1, 2013 3:33 pm

    Some reports say that this issue is a blatant mistake?

    Up to this moment, almost all have been discussed thoroughly. We know that there were two most influential people in FIFA having different ideas about the 2022 tournament. One aimed at USA while the other the Qatar.

    Also, it is already a truth that the one who wanted to give the holding right to Qatar is Platini because he admitted. As well, he admitted that, before the vote, he had already promised two things to the Qataris heads. One of these two promises is to move the time from summer to winter. Therefore, it is impossible to say that the FIFA voting members did not know.

    Adding to the admittance of Platini, the other lower and middle ranked officials in FIFA knew too. That is why they have a technical report saying that it is a high risk to hold the tournament in Qatar in summer. Apparently and reasonably, no super figure head in FIFA dared say no to Qatar, like telling Australia that Australia is not the targeted choice, because the wealth power of this middle east country which has many influential people, like rich businessmen and the then AFC president. Remember also that when Australia wanted to bid for a winter World Cup tournament for better TV watching rate due to the higher population in the Asian time zone, Blatter turned that proposal of changing to winter down. This suggestion by the Australian bidding team was well reported. Why Australia asked for a change? Maybe, it was because that they have heard that the competitor, Qatar, was asking for a change. Why Blatter turned the change down? Maybe, he was targeting for USA to hold the World Cup in 2022. Anyhow, there is no excuse whatsoever that the senior, middle or junior officials did not know. Actually, almost everyone in the world knows the heat problem in Qatar as far as he/she can use online technology.

    As said above, Blatter didn’t ask Qatar not to apply due to the heat problem, like refusing to recommend Australia to enter the bidding competition, because he could not dare say no to the very influential Qataris and some of the high ranking members in FIFA. Therefore, he was thinking that the technical report would work, working in a way to change some of the minds of the voting members. However, he failed. That was why we could see some of the reports saying that he mentioned about the technical report in a number of occasions after Qatar had won.

    After saying so many facts that almost everyone knew beforehand that there was a heat problem in a country in the middle of a desert, many dare say that this is not a mistake. This is not a mistake as titled. This is the most blatant cheat!

    This is a cheat.

    I remember hearing Morgan Freeman speak on the USA’s behalf at the bidding of the 2022 World Cup.

    It was elegant, moving, and contained all the power and persuasion that comes with a classic performance form the treasured actor.

    It is a cheat.


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