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10 gifts NOT to buy for Mother's Day

Here in the Arab World Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 21st of March-a date popularized by Egyptian journalist Mustafa Amin in 1956. Because we know how forgetful Kippers can be, we’ve put together a handy list of what NOT to buy the woman who gave birth to you.

March 8, 2012 3:51 by

  • So yes, the all-new Dust Buster 2001 X might make post-sand storm cleaning much easier, but do you really want to remind your mother of the laborious and dreadfully dull task of cleaning up after you and your filthy siblings? Come on! Give the old lady a break (and not a mop).

  • Yes, every woman wants to be told they need to lose a few pounds. In fact, there is nothing like a new gym membership to boost the old self esteem.

  • Just because you love your Mom’s cooking doesn’t mean she loves cooking for you. Give the kitchen appliances a miss this year, and buy her something that will make her life better-not yours!

  • Sure a nicely wrapped hamper of female hygiene products may seem like a quick and easy solution, but unless you know the specific brand and products your Mom likes to use, chances are the hamper shall remain unused till next Mother’s Day.

  • Because you can never have too many aprons? Wrong! If you are in possession of ‘an’ apron, you already have enough aprons to last you a life time.

  • Sure your Mom smiled sweetly at the first ceramic cat you bought for her with your pocket money-but unless you are dishing out the dough for a beautiful Vileroy and Bosch Masterpiece you can save it.

  • Nothing quite spells inconsiderate last minute gift shop buying like ‘World’s Best Mom’ cups/ shirts/ bags/cups/trophies. The fact that you bought one of the 10000000000+ ‘World’s Best Mom’ is a great way to make your mother feel special and unique.

  • This is just plain insulting. Please go on and perpetuate age old stereotypes and get your Mom that pink camera-she'll love it, it is pink, isn't it?

  • ‘I am hotter than I look’
    ‘I am still hot, it just comes in flushes’
    ‘Menopause is the new puberty’
    Better to be able to laugh about it, right? Wrong! Once you have gone through it, you might be allowed to comment-but till then lock your lips.

  • Mom your lumpy and wobbly bits have been making me feel so uncomfortable I can bear to see them anymore. Please suffocate under this massive blanket of elastic . Also, here is hoping you feel terrible insecure about the parts of your body that were probably ruined giving birth to me, your ungrateful and judgmental brat. You are welcome.


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