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10 websites to keep you occupied at work

10 websites to keep you occupied at work

From social networking forums to gaming sites, there are various websites on the internet to distract ourselves from work. But research shows that a little distraction makes us more productive.

April 27, 2009 2:14 by

6. Blogs

Those in the media (and possibly others as well) will be familiar with blogs like Dubai Media Observer, where gossip about the industry abounds, and where anonymous commentators gripe about their companies and each other. Those in the advertising industry read AdNation, which publishes rumors about the ad world. Conclusion: Juicy gossip is attractive.

7. News

News sites are not necessarily ‘inappropriate’ to read, but they can be distracting, especially if you are addicted to a site like the UK-based Daily Mail, where celebrity scandals and stories of the late Jade Goody vie for your attention.

8. E-mail/ Chatting

Of course we are not talking about office mail. While some people enjoy forwarding e-mails simply because “if they send it to 10 people as soon as they receive it, they will get good luck”, others are busy dropping lines to their friends and relatives. Chatting on G-talk, MSN messenger, Yahoo chat are the easiest ways to stop concentrating on work, particularly when you see that your long lost friend is online. In all fairness, you start out by juggling work and chatting, but slowly, the latter usually overpowers the former.

9. Games

Card games, arcade games, crosswords, word games, the list is endless. Yahoo games, and an endless number of other games sites have a lot to offer depending on what you want to play, and most of them are completely free. You can even challenge your co-workers to a game of chess if you are the geeky type.

10.  Search engines

Can you truthfully say that you never Googled yourself, your boss or your best friend? Most of the time, your searches will end up with little substance. But as experience has taught us, there are times you can stumble across information about a colleague, like a rape case (for example), that might catch you off guard.

Or you can just read about your own achievements and gloat. And wonder why you are even working.

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