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11 odd ways to make money

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Sitting in the office is so yesterday

May 27, 2015 4:49 by

You don’t necessarily have to work for peanuts if you decide to take up an ‘unusual’ profession. According to, here are a few odd jobs that make good money:

1. Pearl diver: Did you know that on average, pearl divers in Australia earn approximately $1,300 per day?


2. Bounty hunter: That’s right; if you help get criminals who have skipped out on bail, you can earn anywhere between 10 to 45 per cent of the bail amount, according to the website.


3. Voice-over work: Apparently, you can make $325 in just five minutes of dubbing audio for cartoons and commercials. What are we doing sitting here again?

Singer Recording A Track In Studio

4. Submarine cook: explains that if you work as a senior submarine cook in Australia, could you make $200,000 per year.

portrait of male cook chef at restaurant kitchen

5. Lipstick reader: Palm reading is out; the new thing is lipstick reading. According to the website, people can come to parties and read the lip prints of women to tell them about their personality and future prospects for $25 to $50 an hour. (We’re not making this up.)

Happy pretty woman holding card with kiss lipstick mark on gradi

6. Human statue: What if we told you that you can make money just for standing still? By dressing up as a character and appearing in promotional events or theme parks, you can make anything from $25 to $200 per hour.

Superman at Comic Con 2011

7. Mystery shopper: How about shopping for a living? Companies have taken to hiring anonymous shoppers to assess their merchandise, service, quality and cleanliness. You can make up to $100/week.

Girl holds shopping bags in her hands

8. Crime scene cleaner: Creepy, but it pays well. And for good reason, considering what the job requires… You could earn a salary of $35,000 or more doing this odd job.

Police Crime Scene

9. Luxury house sitter: How would you like to laze around a luxury house all day? How would you like to also get paid for it? According to, you could make up to $200 per week, as well as receive free food and other amenities, as a house sitter.

Young woman at home sitting on modern chair in front of window r

10. TV watcher: That’s right, you could get paid to watch TV and provide viewer ratings or write subtitles. With a starting salary of $25,000, why not?

Young Man Watching Football On Tv

11. Water slide tester: Yes, we saved the best for last. Can you imagine testing water slides in theme parks and luxury pools for a living? Not only would you get a great salary, but you would also be able to travel around the world to do it. Where do we sign up?

Excited Man Having Fun On Water Slide In Tropical Aqua Park

Which one would you choose?

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