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11 things to look forward to at ComicCon

Comic Con 2013

Besides putting on your best tights…

April 9, 2015 10:46 by

With The Middle East Film & ComicCon taking place this weekend (April 9 to 11), here are Kipp’s top 11 things to look forward to at ComicCon this year:

1. The celebrity guests: From William Shatner to Gillian Anderson and Angelica Bridges… You are sure to be blown away by not only their ‘super abilities’ but also the fact that they are real!

2. The Danger Zone: Located in the outdoor arena this year, you have the chance to put your skills to the test on the climbing wall and the stunt man bag drop. (If there are any Assassins Creed fans out there, we expect to see you at this spot all weekend!)

3. The competitions: From a Cosplay competition to an art competition, there is something for everybody. With great prizes up for grabs, we look forward to seeing all of you Kippers up on stage this weekend!

4. The crazy outfits: Yes, we said it, CRAZY outfits. Now we are comic-enthusiasts, just like you, but some of the outfits that come out to play during ComicCon are just something else. We will be looking out for you this year!

Comic Con 2013

5. The entertainment: From dance shows to magicians, there will be no ‘lame’ moments this weekend.

6. The food: How could this not be number one you may ask? We don’t know either. Stands from Pizza Express, Costa, Maple Leaf and, even, Burger Fuel will be at the event; so don’t worry, Kippers, you will not be walking around with a rumbling tummy.

7. The photo opportunities: Selfie addicts need not worry this weekend. ComicCon is going to have the ideal set-up for pictures throughout the weekend, from a replica of The Tumbler from Batman Begins to selfies with celebrities visiting the exhibition. Be sure to bring an extra memory card for your camera, because you’ll probably end up going home without any space left in it whatsoever.

8. The memorabilia: Right, now we get on to the real stuff. Kippers, save up your dirhams, because this weekend, you will not be leaving the venue empty-handed, by any means. From comics to posters, to action figures and signed photographs, be sure to check out the shops at ComicCon, where fans will be able to get their hands (and lose their money) on some great items!

Comic Con 2013

9. The Gamezone: This is one not to miss. Not only can you learn about the games that are about to be released, but you will also be able to try the demos out yourself!

10. The tutorials: If playing games is your thing, then why not learn how they are created? The MEFCC workshops give visitors the chance to learn about animation, character design, sci-fi make-up, game development and much more.

11. The after-party: Because what is an event without an after-party? The official after-parties are at Zero Gravity on Thursday (April 9), SPiN Dubai on Friday (April 10) and 40 Kong on Saturday (April 11).

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