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2010: Trends and realities, Part II

2010: Trends and realities, Part II

Gulf Marketing Review magazine offers some insights that marketers might find handy to use in the New Year, Part II.

January 6, 2010 1:54 by

In addition, the gradual emancipation of women as well as the youth segment across the region will continue to affect consumer purchasing, thanks to these groups’ increasing disposable income. And, finally, personalization remains a strong trend across all sectors.

Beyond these trends, if you are tasked with looking at what’s out there that could be used innovatively specifically for your brand, Magnus Lindkvist, author and professional trend spotter, suggests looking outside of your comfort zone of ideas.

“After accepting that you are essentially blind to these trends, you have to look at cross-fertilization of interests and sectors. Get out there and learn about something you don’t know about. Get curious,” he says.

So say “I don’t know”. And say it often. It’s only when you don’t know that you seek out. Besides, we can only predict the future in the context of our present reality.

If you are to emulate the tiger, remember: it knows its capabilities and knows that it does not have control over its prey – in hunting there are no guarantees. All it knows is, if unsuccessful, it has to retreat, wait and do it over again, hopefully with better results.

First seen in Gulf Marketing Review magazine.

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