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2011 in review: February- The Bahrain F1 Saga

December 19, 2011 12:00 by

Bahrain F1 cancelled;
Feb 21st: The March opening race of the Formula One season in Bahrain was cancelled on Monday, as the country’s opposition prepared to press for change in country’s Sunni leadership, backed by protesters camped out in streets. The March 13 race was thrown into doubt after mainly Shi’ite protesters took to the streets of the capital of Manama a week ago, demanding political reform and energized by popular revolts that toppled the rulers of Tunisia and Egypt.

Though the race in March was cancelled The World Motor Sport Council decided to reinstate the Bahrain Grand Prix later on in the year. Yet the move was not welcomed by protestors in Bahrain and the critics in the West. We spoke to Kipp spoke to our resident automotive expert Damien Reid, Managing Editor of F1 Racing Middle East and the Group Managing Editor of Sports and Automotive at MediaQuest to find out more.

After much speculation and protest finally on June 16th the F1 was called off…

Skid mark: Bahrain is off the F1 calendar
June 16, 2011: FIA confirms Bahrain Grand Prix is off for this year while inaugural Indian race is confirmed for October 30
Formula One’s governing body formally struck the Bahrain Grand Prix off the 2011 calendar on Wednesday and restored India’s inaugural race to its original Oct. 30 date.The International Automobile Federation (FIA) said in a statement that a fax vote of its World Motor Sport Council had been unanimous in ratifying the calendar after recent controversy over attempts to reinstate Bahrain. Read more

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