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3 Million is the Number of Day

3 Million is the Number of Day

3 Million can mean a lot of things, but for the RTA it signifies the number of NOL cards sold since 2009.

July 16, 2011 12:00 by

3 million. That is how many NOL cards have been sold since the debut of the Dubai Metro roughly 2 years ago.

And as this piece from Gulf News suggests, it is pretty impressive feat; though probably not as impressive as they would like to make it out to be. Kipp wonders how many of the 3 million NOL cards were the Red-NOL cards that are popular amongst tourists and visitors of Dubai (speaking of which it is about time the RTA launch a day/ week pass)?

But don’t get us wrong, Kipp’s not going to belittle the accomplishments of Dubai Metro; after all it helps 150,000 passengers a day commute (a number that has substantially risen since the launch of the metro). And the efficiency of the metro is improving; in fact, Kipp’s noticed, effective June 15th, the RTA has tweaked many bus routes from metro stations, most beneficially for Kipp, if we say so ourselves.

We’ve also noticed a recent crackdown from Metro officials on those outlaws who chew gum aboard the metro. To start with there are new notifications on the screens in each cabin which warn passengers against eating, drinking and other punishable offences. And then, we’ve noticed there have been more metro officials on board, issuing fines against those who do not follow the rules. For the past two days, we have been in the presence of unsuspecting passengers being fined for chewing gum on the metro.

What is more, the Metro’s weekly paper READ has been out for about a month or so. Though the paper is a good read, Kipp’s genuinely surprised with how many passengers are reading READ and how many more place READ back into the shelves once finished.

And what with the Green Line metro testing being conducted for a good couple of weeks, it would seem like the Metro experience is only set to improve. Well, that is what we’d hope would happen to two of the four terminals that open up to the Khalid bin Al Waleed station that remain closed two years after the Metro launched!

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  1. Monirah on July 16, 2011 1:43 pm


  2. MK on July 17, 2011 11:30 am

    So what! They’ve sold a bunch of nol cards…So!!!

    Referring to another one of your articles…I’d rather like to quote “there’s a 50-50 chance” that RTA is doing really well!

    Here’s the thing….we all know there is alot of controversy when it comes to the business of public transport in the UAE. Although, RTA is doing what seems to be a good job, the truth is that the UAE as whole is not…and the Road and Transport Authority should be renamed to DRTA (Dubai RTA) instead!
    As far as the agony of waiting for the opening of the Green Line, which god knows how much longer it will take…how about connection between the emirates! Can someone from RTA claim why this won’t happen?? And if it were to, why it would be bad?

    Bottomline….if people in charge want to establish a proper public transport, listen to the needs of the peopel who actually use the metro and not some traffic consultant!
    Only then the PEOPLE will start enjoying it and reaping its benefits, much like other big metropolitans around the globe.

    ps. I hate the READ…it’s absolute crap and waste of paper!

    pps. One last thing…with the unbearing heat increasing everyday, if anyone from RTA is reading this…please add more shaded walkways between the stations and nearby buildings…eg. this weekend I had to run from IBM station to reach the mall because even this short distant is excruciating difficult at mid day!


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