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4 stories you shouldn't have missed this week

The Chocolate Diet?; The Case Against Google; Brave New Math; The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs

March 29, 2012 3:37 by

A new study shows that people who eat chocolate frequently have lower body mass indexes than those who eat it less often. The researchers could not explain precisely why something usually loaded with sugar, fat and calories would have a beneficial effect on weight. But they suspect that antioxidants and other compounds in chocolate may deliver a metabolic boost that can offset its caloric downside.
People don’t trust Google with their data. And that’s new. Google is a fundamentally different company than it has been in the past. Its culture and direction have changed radically in the past 18 months. It is trying to maneuver into position to operate in a post-pc, post-Web world, reacting to what it perceives as threats, and moving to where it thinks the puck will be.
Newspapers, radio, and television routinely spout headlines about key statistics on GDP, inflation, and employment—astonishingly influential indicators computed in the United States by the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics and in capitals around the world. Most seem to have little correlation with the realities on the street. Yet, governments, businesses, and individuals still use these yardsticks in their decision-making worldwide, and minor revisions in the data can have major ramifications
Focus was ingrained in Jobs’s personality and had been honed by his Zen training. He relentlessly filtered out what he considered distractions. Colleagues and family members would at times be exasperated as they tried to get him to deal with issues—a legal problem, a medical diagnosis—they considered important. But he would give a cold stare and refuse to shift his laserlike focus until he was ready.

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  1. Plum Endemon on April 4, 2012 11:29 am

    The Panorama documentary about ITV’s On Digital and News Corporation’s Sky TV should be included here, for all those interested in Rupert Murdoch and the recent hacking scandals. What will his organisation not stoop to? Worth checking out Kippers.


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