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6 things on the web you shouldn’t have missed this week

6 things on the web you shouldn’t have missed this week

Have you seen an ousted president pick his nose on live TV?; Meet the 19-year-old that’s smarter than all the Apple Geniuses; Look at these celebrity homes on sale?

August 5, 2011 12:00 by

Companies turn a blind eye to cyber-spying

The first step to recovery is acceptance. But it looks like it’ll be a while until big organizations like the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Olympic Committee are on the road to recovery as they deny finding any evidence of cyber-spying on the their networks. According to anti-virus firm McAfee, however, these two companies along with the US’ Energy Department and the New York office of the Associated Press are all being hacked for sensitive information as we speak. Who’s the culprit? Well, the security firm’s main suspect is China.

85-year old skydives to spite Hitler

Whenever you’re too old to go out or too lazy or scared to experience something new, think of Gary Lenzner, a Holocaust survivor who went skydiving for his 85th birthday. This feat was ten years in the making and something that Lenzner was adamant in doing to prove that he didn’t just survive Hitler, he’s living his life to the fullest.

The Biggest A-List Celebrity Homes For Sale Now

So a regular, run-of-the-mill villa just doesn’t strike your fancy, huh? Well how about a slice of old Hollywood for $8.6 million? Elizabeth Taylor is selling her Bel Air residence for just that prize. In fact, there’s quite a few A-listers of old and new Hollywood that are looking to trade in their current home for better digs from Harrison Ford to Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. You up for celebrity seconds? Guess which celebrity owns the house in this photo.

Steve Jobs is not smarter than a 19-year-old

As Nicholas Allegra, he’s a nobody. But under his hacker handle, Comex, he has sent shockwaves around the computer security world. You’ve probably heard of his creation, JailBreak, which allows iPhone and iPad users to download and add any software on their devices without having to go through iTunes or any Apple services. This 19-year-old’s impact on Apple’s business is so much so that when he released JailBreak3, the company patched up the security opening in just nine days. But according to this Forbes article, in that time 1.4 million had already used the tool to jailbreak their gadgets.

It’s Recession 2012, stupid!

Kipp hardly thinks Is this what the Mayans predicted in 2012. But it looks like it’s bound to happen anyway. With the US economy close to a crash and burn situation and the EU not looking any better, there not much argument against the inevitable Recession part two…or dare Kipp say Recession 2.0 *shudder*.

The Mubarak Trial

The world was gripped with the Hollywood-style trial of Hosni Mubarak, the pinnacle of which was his station on a bed inside a cage. Kipp wonders how many more stunts will this ousted Egyptian president pull from out of his sleeves as he returns to court on August 15. This link will give you one of the most indepth media coverage of the trial to refresh your memory, including that picture where Mubarak picked his nose.

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