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7 alternative items to show national pride

Sometimes tasteful, sometimes tacky, we bring you some of the very special National Day merchandise on sale for the UAE big four-O!

November 28, 2011 5:05 by

  • Ten days before the 2nd of December, I spotted what I think shall be the pride of the National Day fleet. The owner of this car, clearly a forward thinker, had covered every inch of the car’s exterior with images of the UAE, a map, the Sheikhs and a few flags for good measure. On the dashboard sat a massive furry red, green, white and black boa. Peering into the car revealed that the headrests were fit with snug “I LOVE UAE” covers quite like the furry jackets that hugged the rear view mirrors. And red, green white and black taffeta bows were tied onto every door handle of the car.  Oh yes, with the big four-O approaching, patriotic citizens are pulling out all the stops to commemorate this special day...and so are both local and international companies. In this module, Kipp takes a look at all those cashing in on the sentiment.

    *picture from Kipp reader Rania H

  • Kicking off the list we bring you this shiny clock that has been the subject of much media coverage. The Smith of Derby is producing 40 of these Dh58,000 gold and crystal clock marking the UAE's 40th anniversary. Each unit will be numbered for proof of exclusivity and will bear the Smith of Derby’s Whitehurst logo-which is usually reserved for their luxury custom clocks. The clock looks pretty sleek, but Sumayyah Al Suwaidi, a digital artist from Abu Dhabi, told The National “she would have preferred the colours of the UAE flag instead, or another precious metal that might feel more luxurious.”

  • Then there is the special UAE National Day "Fresh Edible Bouquet" the one of a kind special UAE National Flag inspired creation: pretty cool idea, though we have to admit flowers in that shade of green don’t exactly scream ‘Eat Me’.

  • Montegrappa has launched a special UAE National Day Limited Edition pens collection that includes 1971 fountain pens and 1971 roller balls in Sterling silver. So how much will these special pens set you back? The roller ball 1971 limited edition are going at Dh5,950, and the fountain pen 1971 limited edition will set you back Dh7,650. Think that is a smidgen too much to shell out for a pen? Listen to what Sany Nahhas, a director of Montegrappa Italia had to say about it...we promise it will change your life: ““We under-produced this pen. Demand is going to be much greater than limited number we have. You should agree with me it is a very beautiful pen and very colourful. I would write with such a pen.” Well, well, well, if he’d write with such a pen...

  • For a more affordable option, check out Giordano’s special edition Flag Polo t-shirt: which will display the UAE national flag on the Lion Polo. Available for both men and women, with sizes ranging from small to XXL, the shirt is available in white, black, fuschia and yellow. That is 95 per cent cotton and 5 per cent lycra of National Pride we are talking about!

  • But if it is something more decorative you are looking out for then consider the Pure Gold Jewellers'special pendant plus brooch which has 40 engraved in diamond for Dh 1440 only. Thanks Pure Gold Jewellers for making my Dh5 UAE brooch look cheap!

  • Oh Juicy’s tackies, whoops we meant trackies, are not really Kipp’s cup of tea. We aren’t too crazy about the company’s special "Juicy loves UAE" hoodies which are going at Dh849. If that seems like a lot of money to spend on a soft fluffy and almost Barney-like track suit, then you can buy the trackpants alone for Dh649 and the t-shirt for Dh348.


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