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82.4 per cent want out of their jobs, says poll

82.4 per cent want out of their jobs, says poll

Majority of professionals in the Middle East want to try a different career path but won’t risk the change because of finances and low job security.

May 15, 2011 2:27 by

Despite 82.4 per cent of respondents wanting to a career change, many cite a variety of reasons for staying put in their assumedly dissatisfying roles, according to’s latest poll called Career Reinvention and the MENA Workplace.

Financial considerations (23.9 per cent) and having a risk-averse personality or fear of the unknown (16.8 per cent) are the top reasons given. Then there are the 16.2 per cent who believed that in today’s market, companies would simply not take the risk of hiring them; the 14.5 per cent who said it was due to a lack of training or education opportunities required to effect this change; the 9.9 per cent who said the lack of access to jobs in the desired new career was the main problem; and the 9.4 per cent who stated that the move wasn’t likely to happen because of their lack of knowledge about job opportunities in the new career.

A further 3.1 per cent said they felt that a shift in their career path is unlikely to happen because of “culture and social prestige considerations” while surprisingly 6.2 per cent said no change was necessary as they love their current jobs.

So what jobs do these weary white-collar workers want? Well here’s the breakdown:

–          21.5 per cent said Oil & Gas

–          16.5 per cent said Telecom/IT

–          14.6 per cent chose tourism and hospitality

–          9.9 per cent said financial services

–          8.2 per cent chose management consulting

–          7 per cent voted for advertising and marketing

–          6.6 per cent said FMCG,

–          3.7 per cent stated healthcare,

–          1.2 per cent chose publishing.

–          7 per cent said they would not care to join any of the above stated industries

–          3.7 per cent said they were unsure as to what their new industry would be


Respondents were also asked what they feel most passionate about in their career. Here’s what they said:

–          21.4 per cent said they are most passionate about their current job

–          21.4 per cent said it was their current industry

–          15.6 per cent felt that their existing team and environment was an intrinsic factor

–          8.3 per cent said their current company was what motivated them to stay on

–          5.1 per cent indicated they didn’t want to leave because they appreciated working for their current manager.

But despite these eyebrow-raising answers there is still a staggering 28.1 per cent who voted for none of the above elements.

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