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9 Eye-Popping Guinness World Record holders from the Middle East

As the King Abdullah Park Fountain enters the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest musical fountain in the world, Kipp takes a look at some of the Guinness world records home to the region.

September 13, 2012 6:07 by

  • The largest musical fountain

    King Abdullah Park Fountain is world’s largest and most attractive fountain. The 450 meter fountain is situated in King Abdullah Park in the city of Hofuf in Saudi Arabia and is worth SR9 million.


  • The biggest colouring book

    Al Jadi, a Kuwati dental care technician, created a 150-page colouring book titled ‘Our Bright White Teeth.’


  • The longest breakfast table

    A 600-seater table measuring 175 meters in length and 122 centimeters in width, in the city of Al Khobar in KSA is the longest breakfast table in the world.


  • The biggest book "This is Mohammed"

    The world’s largest book “This is Mohammed” weighs 1, 000kg is displayed in Al Ain.


  • The tallest residential building

    Tameer’s 414 meters high Princess Tower in Dubai Marina is the world’s tallest residential building. The 107-storey tall building consists of six basement floors, one ground floor, 100 above-ground levels and 8 retail stores.


  • The largest bead mosaic

    Emirati Reem Al Gurg created world’s largest bead mosaic called ‘Sahara Vision.’ The 3.75 square-meter artwork is made of 18,231 wooden beads.


  • The Longest driverless metro network

    The Dubai Metro, comprising the red and green lines combined, spanning 74.695 kilometers, is the longest driverless metro network in the world.

  • The most books signed in 24 hours

    Award-winning Emirati author Qais Sedki, creator of graphic novel “Gold Ring” and “Gold Ring 2”entered Guinness World Record for the most number of books signed in 24 hours by signing 1,951 books in a single session.


  • The largest falafel

    Ten chefs from one of Amman’s hotels in Jordan cooked the largest falafel in the world, weighing 74.75Kg.



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