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A fresh start for JLT lakes

Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai

To help bring value to Dubai through constant innovation, we need to listen to ideas and feedback from the community, says DMCC chairman.

July 15, 2013 12:17 by

When manmade lakes are constructed in areas around the desert, maintenance problems are most certainly bound to follow. Without adequate care, it won’t take long before the water is green, groggy, muddy and well, a plain eyesore.

This is a crease that the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCC), the government authority behind the DMCC Free Zone and the Jumeirah Lakes Towers, vows to iron out soon.

With the help of new technologies, the authority hopes to enhance the quality and purity of water across its lakes. It admits that while technological options for purifying water are limited, particularly across large-scale projects, it will evaluate a range of possible practice methods, including a ‘magnetic techniques’ system.

Matt Lomax, Property Director at DMCC says they will ensure that the quality of water in the lakes is managed in the most efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

There are roughly 65,000 people living and working in Jumeirah Lake Towers, under the DMCC Free Zone, one of the largest in the UAE. In response to several community requests, the authority has announced the transformation of one of its lakes into a 55,000 square metre community park, due to be completed in the next few months.

In a recent interview, DMCC executive chairman, Ahmed Sultan Bin Sulayem, expressed his personal dislike towards such lakes, merely stating that he’d rather have something more efficient to replace them. He later made it clear that no changes will be made to the remaining three lakes without community support.

Speaking to Kipp, he clarified his opinion by stressing that his role at DMCC is to drive the business and bring value to the emirate through constant innovation and delivery. “To help achieve this we always listen to ideas and feedback from the JLT community – this can be evidenced by the conversion of one of the lakes into a 55,000 sqm park,” he says.

“My personal view is that lakes are inefficient and do not bring value. This does mean that we will fill in all of the lakes, but it does mean we will listen to the community about what makes sense. Even if some in the media think I shouldn’t listen to the JLT community then I’m afraid I will keep on disappointing them.”

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