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A glass half full…for now

A glass half full…for now

The UAE is on the receiving end of shifting interregional travel, but how sustainable is this surge, asks Precious de Leon.

March 27, 2011 5:09 by

It took sometime but Kipp has gotten over our retail overload from the yearly cycle that is DSF and then Dubai Summer Surprises. We’ve done well staying indoors and avoiding malls and other retail areas during these periods. We’re not sure who we’ll cope having more of the same throughout the year…and does this mean we’ll get to see the different offspring of that springy, yellow character?
Businesses have recorded profits during DSF, with many welcoming foreign cash flow, according to this Gulf News article.

Kipp has known Dubai’s many intricate layers. We have met its artists, its entrepreneurs and its multicultural families. We’ve seen its underbelly and its smooth and sandy overcoat. There are a lot of things to highlight in this city. However, Kipp must admit that a yearlong calendar that positions the emirate as one big shopping mall and amusement centre wasn’t that top of our list. But perhaps there is a grand plan to all of this. Kipp definitely hopes so.

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