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A marketplace for discarded ideas

A marketplace for discarded ideas

A site where graphic designers can sell their unused ideas to start-up companies looks like win-win situation for all involved.

September 18, 2008 1:13 by

A graphic designer usually develops around five concepts for any creative logo, which is then scrutinized by the client. And since only one of those will be used, the rest are usually left to rot.

Not anymore.

IncSpring, which launched last month, is a beta site that aims to connect designers with ideas and business owners looking for ideas. As reported by the trend-spotting site Springwise, the Texas-based site is a virtual marketplace for businesses interested in corporate logos, brands and corporate identities. Designers can upload brand concepts onto the site for the perusal of entrepreneurs, corporations and businesses without middlemen or agency fees. Designers also retain complete control over their pricing.

Potential buyers can search by industry, color or name for the designs they need, and can also request minor changes to shape a particular design to their individual specifications. When a purchase is made, IncSpring charges a commission of 15 percent and the artist receives the rest.

The advertising/branding industry in the Middle East is booming now. With real estate projects sprouting by the day and new companies setting shop in the region, the demand for ads is constantly increasing. And while it’s not possible for the smaller start-ups to afford big names, getting concepts from their creative department will be a great opportunity.

And for designers, a chance to showcase all their ideas rather than letting them rot, at the same time making some money out it, does seem like a good bet.

Of course, ad agency owners may not be too happy, but nobody else will be complaining.

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