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A nation and Islam

A nation and Islam

It’s five years since bombs rocked London’s transport system. Preoccupied by two wars, has the British government overlooked a poisonous tide of anti-Muslim sentiment developing at home?

July 7, 2010 4:26 by

This is, perhaps, something of an exaggeration, but in the current climate, which sees many British Muslims suffer attacks on the grounds of their religious affiliation, it’s not surprising that emotions are running high. Just as certain sections of the government, the press, and the public are prone to act as though the tiny minority of Islamic extremists who participate in terrorist attacks on the West represent all Muslims, so some Muslims may be forgiven for assuming that the racial ignorance of these sections is representative of the UK establishment as a whole.

Although the government has tried to address Islamophobia via a number initiatives, reports show that these have largely failed. “They lack an understanding of the various Muslim communities and fail to accept that British foreign policy has had a contributing effect to this radicalisation,” Chris Doyle says.

Russian leaders might do well to stop encouraging “more harsh, more cruel measures… to fight terrorism,” and instead try a less hypocritical approach. Ideally, one that doesn’t ultimately boost the cause of terrorists by amplifying their growing catalogue of complaints.

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