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A new direction for Dubai Taxi Corporation

Dubai taxis about to get smarter

RTA and DTC launch new system to drive customer satisfaction.

September 8, 2013 2:13 by

As the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai looks to improve the overall levels of satisfaction among customers and drivers alike, the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has launched a new system for managing the performance of its vehicles.

Serving as a daily monitor, the 24-hour system is meant to retain operational and technical efficiency by following up with its vehicles (and motorists) and communicating with drivers in cases of emergency, crises or accidents, as well as receiving calls and complaints from customers.

According to a statement by DTC, a working team has been formed to develop the system, learning from the best practises nationwide and from abroad.

Nine performance indicators defined for the technical system this year, include: low driver income, detailed reporting on drivers’ procrastination, unknown mileage, vehicles retained by drivers over 24 hours, out-of-service vehicles, vehicles without assigned drivers, taximeter violations, number of drivers outside Dubai and the speed report.

The new system is expected to raise satisfaction levels to meet this year’s set targets of 82 per cent for customers, 73 per cent for society and 80 per cent for drivers.

The RTA has introduced various measures this year to tackle the most common complaints and enhance overall customer experience. These include:

– Last week a project launched by DTC and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing announced that taxi drivers are being trained to act as tourist guides, with approximately 1,600 drivers having already qualified.

– In August, all taxi drivers were given a six-month package of personal care tools to maintain their personal hygiene throughout the day.

– In June, the authority revealed plans for a high-tech navigation systems (ie ‘smart maps’) to be installed in Dubai’s 8,007 taxis by the end of the year.

– Later that month, the AMAN (‘safety’) system was unveiled, which is to be implemented across all taxis in the country to slow down speeding drivers.


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