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A part-time proposal

A part-time proposal

The Dubai government is employing part-timers. Should the private sector follow suit?

January 11, 2009 12:16 by

The Dubai government has decided to adopt a part-time work system in all its departments that allows employees to work part-time and be paid on an hourly basis. The announcement was made on 10 January.

The employees will receive most of the benefits of full-time contracts, except for the annual performance incentive, air tickets and paid leaves says official news agency WAM. They will receive health insurance, pension fund benefits and rises and allowances given to UAE nationals. They’ll also get a 20 percent increment on the hourly wages as a compensation for the allowances they are not eligible for.

This must come as good news to the public sector employees; the initiative not only provides them with the basic benefits, but it also provides compensation. And of course, they get to work at their own time.

Perhaps it’s an initiative that the private sector should consider adopting. It will not only benefit employees, but could also prove helpful for companies, especially during the current economic slowdown. With work reducing, companies could introduce part-time instead of cutting down staff. The benefits given to employees will reduce, but at this point, people will be happy to have a job.

The only question that arises is that of visas: will companies continue to sponsor their former full-time employees if they accept part-time positions with their companies? Is it legal to do so? And will the government introduce more flexible visa options for those who wish to stay in the country and work part-time?

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  1. andy on January 12, 2009 1:43 pm

    as far as I understood all employees in the government worked part-time hours anyway??? so how few hours are considered part time??


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