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A tailored trip away from the cranes

A tailored trip away from the cranes

A website which can suggest outings, plan a trip and collect the money for a friends day out seems like a good plan for Dubai.

August 12, 2008 1:16 by

Planning an outing with a group of friends can sometimes be quite a pain – there’s usually the debate about the date, followed by one about the location, the time, money and so on and so forth. A new, UK-based site called Wigadoo, however, promises to make outing plans simpler, says Springwise.

Wigadoo offers ideas for possible outings, information on deals and promotions, and a directory of UK activities. The users then fill in a form with questions to be voted on (like the time, date, place etc), and Wigadoo creates a vote page and emails a link to everyone involved. The page tracks everyone’s responses, and depending on the vote result, the users can propose a concrete plan, with costs and the deadline for committing. Again, Wigadoo emails links to the whole group, asking them to pledge their attendance with a debit or credit card. It also has a feature called “I’m In If You’re In,” allowing people to secretly sign up to go if, and only if, a friend that they name does.
Wigadoo then collects the pledged funds and puts them into an online event account. That account comes with a Wigadoo Virtual Prepaid MasterCard that can be used to book or pay for everything for the group, either online or by phone. Using Wigadoo is free for the organizer, but participants pay a small fee when they pledge for the event.
With many people thinking that Dubai’s attractions are restricted to malls and construction sites, this idea could work well here. Such a site could perhaps list nearby picnic spots, and also help people arrange a small trip with their friends. Maybe a trip to Kor Fakkan, Hatta or the museums in Sharjah. Or even a night at Dibba. And with money pledged into the event, it would help prevent those oh-so-Dubai last minute plan-cancellations.

There are so many things to do in Dubai apart from going to a mall, says Will Milner, the editor of Time Out “Hire a life coach, go sea fishing, fly over the dessert on a hot air balloon, go to the races, ski on sand, sea and snow in one day, dine on the creek at night,” he adds.

With so much on offer, many would welcome an organized trip away from the concrete jungle.

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