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Abdullah el-Badri

How is the head of Opec connected to the man who knocked the head off a mummy? And where does Brazil’s most famous footballer fit in?

December 23, 2009 4:25 by

Rachel Weisz

“If I didn’t act, I’d be a nutcase. Some people have to do it. They have a lot of emotion they have to get out,” the American actress recently told the Daily Telegraph. Born to a psychoanalyst and an inventor, Weisz started a theater group in college called Talking Tongues, where she produced and acted in several dramas. She went to act in TV, making debut with Ewan McGregor in the miniseries The Scarlet and the Black. Her debut onto the big screen came with Death Machine in 1995.

Since then she has acted in numerous films, such as Enemy at the Gates, Constantine, The Constant Gardner, Eragon, and most recently, The Lovely Bones.

But perhaps her main leap to fame came with the box-office blockbuster The Mummy, where she starred opposite…


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