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Addicted to gadgets: Don’t forget the ‘Sun Screen’

What do you take when you travel

Nine out of 10 travellers around the world can’t leave home without a gadget.

August 6, 2013 3:17 by

The popularity of smart phones in Africa and the Middle East (MEA) accounts for the screen life of this region. This addiction to smart phones has bred a strong need for travellers to constantly stay connected at every corner of the globe.

A Global Travel Intentions study conducted in 2013 by Visa found that phones lead the list of popular holiday gadgets among MEA travellers at 84 per cent. Computers were second at 60 per cent, cameras were third at 55 per cent, and entertainment devices were fourth at 23 per cent.

Smart phones are evidently the most popular travel gadget due to functions such as accessibility to essential information, and online sharing of travel experiences. Seventy-one per cent of travellers use their smart phones to check in online and share their travel updates with family and friends.

The gadget weight and the internet capacity are also important deciding factors that travellers take into account when selecting their travel gadgets. While 43 per cent of travellers are technology addicts who cannot stay away from their phones, a staggering 50 per cent of first-time travelers who preferred to travel light chose their holiday gadgets based on weight.

Online travel reviews, service providers, and official tourism websites are used by 42 per cent of MEA travellers for planning trips.

Providers who offer information and online booking services will be pleased to know that global travellers deem online services as being increasingly efficient. Marcello Baricordi, general manager UAE and global accounts lead at Visa Inc. stated that: “Visa understands this [important development] and provides a number of ecommerce solutions to make online payments secure and convenient for both merchants and customers.”

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