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After a month of tolerating calls, I exploded – UAE bank victim

Angry phone call

Kipp brings you a discreet yet frustrating sequel of yet another bully in UAE's banking sector...

October 21, 2012 3:17 by

If you’ve been an avid Kipp reader for some time now, you will have undoubtedly noticed that we aren’t particularly fond of retail banking in the UAE. We aren’t fans of the way that banks here conduct themselves. We aren’t fond of the endless list of hidden fees and unjustified charges. We aren’t fond of the overall inadequacy of their customer care quality and lastly, we are not fond of their ruthlessness once the chase begins.

Banks in the UAE have been known to ruthlessly chase you to take up one, two or even three credit cards the minute they sniff out a respectable salary. They will encourage you to make use of their advanced cash options, overdraft, car loans, personal loans and the list goes on. Skip one payment and watch as that encouraging energy turns into a high-speed chase where the bank and an external outsourcing agency hunt you down. They have even gone as far as reaching out to customers on their personal social media profiles.

What can really get under your skin is being hunted down despite being ‘innocent’. What if you didn’t miss a payment? What if you were chased for outstanding payments years after you’ve finalised your balance and ended your relationship with that bank? Kipp narrates a story of one of many that have fallen victim to a bank’s unethical procedures…

“In April 2007, I settled all my outstanding balance on my credit card with the bank,” Jon Maylo says (name changed). “I received a final settlement receipt and in August of 2007, I closed my overdraft account with one payment in full. Years later I got a call from a funny lady who was from a collection agency that the bank had hired. She asked me to pay my outstanding due for the overdraft and credit card.”

Maylo laughed, certain that this was a simple mistake, and told her that he has had no outstanding payments since 2007. In fact, he hasn’t even had any dealings with them since. The woman told him that she received certain instructions and no additional information. The only thing with her was a letter from the bank requesting for the payment.

After several more calls and similar requests, Maylo had enough and decided to meet the woman from the agency; Face-to-face and cheque book in hand. “I told her simply that if she could show me evidence that I owe the bank any payment and that it is compliant with Central Bank rules, then I would be glad to pay,” Maylo continues. “She failed to show me any proof except for the same letter from the bank.”

After having exploded and demanded that she stopped calling, the lady urged Maylo to speak to the bank directly, and so he did. The bank printed out his previous statement which, as he was confident of all along, displayed a crystal clear AED 0 balance. “I asked the representative to explain to me why this collection agency was unleashed on me while I owe them nothing. He of course, had no clue and directed me to the collection department representative.”

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  1. chaz on October 22, 2012 6:03 am

    shocking but not surprising by the banks in Dubai.
    This guy is an inspiration for common sense.
    I just hope the Central Bank closes the collection agency down and places a hefty fine on the bank for wasting his time, and makes them pay all costs.

  2. M. Aldalou on October 22, 2012 8:38 am

    Inspiration for common sense, I love that!

  3. Arti on October 22, 2012 11:56 am

    Good One!

  4. PPM on October 22, 2012 12:30 pm

    Lucky they don’t have Sharia law.. Making false accusations against somebody is worth some serious punishment!

  5. OFiroz on October 22, 2012 10:39 pm

    I had similar experience with a well reputed bank in Dubai. Even when I had 100 Dhs. to pay monthly I end up paying 500 Dhs. with some strange charges and fees. I end the tie with the bank once for all, payed all the dues and chapter closed. Now they are asking me to pay some amount to the bank as some closing charge!! When I argued that everything was payed before a year or so, they are insisting I will get my closing charge after I close the account! I didn’t give a damn. Let it be! I won’t pay!


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