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Air ticket prices go through the roof


Get ready to pay more than AED3,000 to travel to Beirut from Dubai during Eid

July 9, 2014 3:35 by

By Nadine Sayegh

With Eid just around the corner, we, at Kipp HQ, are excited about going home for the summer.

That is, until we saw how much airfares have skyrocketed.

While our initial reaction was complete shock, followed by anger (featuring a big temper tantrum from yours truly), we were finally reduced to tears because there is nothing we can do now, except bring out our credit cards and buy overpriced tickets.

However, we are nothing, if not optimists.

So, the bright side, it inspired us to dig a little deeper and find out if these prices are across the board – and if so, why are UAE airlines taking advantage of a religious holiday/celebration?

The majority of Dubai population comprises expatriates, hence for long weekends and public holidays, it’s only natural that most of us can’t wait to visit our loved ones. But, looks like we can’t do that without being overcharged.

So, we took to the internet to search for airfares to Beirut, Lebanon, from Dubai for three time periods: July 24 to August 2 (during Eid Al Fitr) September 20 to 25 (off-peak season) and, finally, October 2 to 6 (during Eid Al Adha).

Here’s what we discovered:


Although flydubai is credited as a low-budget carrier, we are disappointed with our results.

During Eid, the lowest price you can purchase a ticket for, as of today (Wednesday, July 8), is AED3,214.04.

In September, however, the price plummets to AED1,208, which, slightly rises again during Eid Al Adha to AED1,334.83 (ie without purchasing any add-ons for all dates).

Air Arabia

If you are feeling adventurous and want to fly out from Sharjah International Airport to Beirut on Air Arabia this Eid, do not expect to pay any less than AED3,398.

In September, though, you can buy a ticket for as little as AED1,488, which reaches AED1,618 in October.

Emirates Airline

While we are aware of the relatively high expenses of travelling with Emirates Airline, tickets during Eid still cost quite high; AED3,555 for an economy class ticket is the minimum.

This is a stark contrast to September, when ticket prices drop to AED1,865, but increasing, once again, during the Eid Al Adha season, to AED2,555.

Etihad Airways

Undoubtedly, the UAE national carrier Etihad’s airfares are the most expensive, according to our findings.

Disregarding the fact that when travelling from Dubai, you have to take a bus to Abu Dhabi International Airport, tickets to Beirut during Eid cost a backbreaking AED4,145. The price spirals downwards to AED1,855 during the off-peak season.

However, in October, although the price is high at AED2,405 (minimum), it’s at least AED150 less than Emirates Airline.

Surely, we are not the only ones outraged about having to shell out an obscene amount of money to buy air tickets during Eid.

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